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Savanna Cider Gets A Facelift


Savanna Cider is a staple in the South African’s favourite alcohol list. An ice-cold cider with a lemon wedge on a hot day is just pure perfection. The brand has cemented its place as a top gun within the varieties of local alcohol brands and has aligned itself with the South African comedy scene – hence all those hilarious “It’s dry but you can drink it” ads. Savanna still leads the race with three different varieties of its 100% clear apple cider – Dry, Light and Dark.

Now, the brand is having a makeover with a sexy new-look bottle paired with the exact same distinctively dry taste on the inside. I mean, just look at how it’s changed. The bottle is so much sleeker than before and is way easier on the eye. Sure, Savanna is all about the taste but it’s great to see that the brand pay such attention to detail on the way it looks as well. The bottle is bold, confident and easy on the eye, yet remains refreshingly simple.

So how exactly has the bottle changed? Well, the cap now has an elegant crown design on the top proving that the brand is cider royalty. It’s neck is now slimmer and longer, creating the ultimate drinking experience, a slimmer neck means bolder shoulders making the drink even manlier than before, the Savanna logo is embossed on the side making the drink easier to hold and to top it all off, the label has been tweaked as well.

To celebrate, Savanna have introduced new TV and radio spots which will be sure to make you chuckle so be on the lookout! They also surprised me with an epic media drop featuring a case of the cider looking sleeker than ever. Oh, and did I mention Beats By Dre headphones?

Check out their new TV spot and get to a liquor store today to find the new look bottle! Available at leading stores country-wide at a recommended price of R66.95 per 6-pack or R239.95 per case. For all their loyal drinkers, the brand will also be hosting a party celebrating their new look – and you can win tickets! Simply look under the brand new cap for all the details.

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