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Rihanna – Kiss It Better


Rihanna is still going strong. Her eighth studio album, ANTI, is still at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and the lead single off the album, Work featuring rapper Drake is still firmly at the top of the Billboard 100. However, the pop princess has just dropped the official video to official second single from the album – a track called Kiss It Better.

The singer turned things on its head when she dropped ANTI. Unlike her previous album, this album has a stronger urban direction than ever before, disappointing many fans of her pop music. However, Kiss It Better is one of the more pop-focused tracks on the album and obvious choice for second single. That being said, the song has strong R&B and electronic elements as well. We love the verses on the song but felt a bit underwhelmed with the chorus. However, we love the fact that Rihanna has chosen a ballad as her next single.

Vocally, Rihanna sounds better than ever and although many aren’t impressed with the new direction she has taken, this song is a hit and we’re expecting it to do big things. The song is sexy, sultry and powerful and has been compared to Prince’s Purple Rain. This is one of the strongest songs off Rihanna’s new album and we can’t wait to start hearing this all over our radio. The music video for the track is NSFW and features the singer showing off her nipples. Just a heads up before you play this in full screen at the office.

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