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Review: You + Me – Rose Ave.

You + Me
Rose Ave. (Sony Music)

Breakdown: I’ve been CRAVING a new album from P!nk for ages after the incredible ‘The Truth About Love’ but even though this isn’t what I meant, I’ll take it! P!nk, otherwise known as Alecia Moore, has joined forces with singer Dallas Green to create her side-project You + Me. What’s even cooler is that they recorded this album in only six days!

How Many Good Tracks: 6 of the 10.

What I Liked: I love artists who push boundaries and that’s exactly what P!nk did on this record. Her pairing with Dallas Green is odd but there’s something special about this music. Sure, it won’t top the charts but there’s something magical about P!nk’s new venture into the genre of folk. As odd as their pairing is, their vocals surprisingly complement each other. The album is stripped down, raw and is far from what you would expect from these two.

What I Didn’t Like: Although this is a side-project for the two, you can hear that they are a bit nervous about making this kind of music. Vocally, the album is perfection but I think that a lot could have been done on the production side of things. Most of the songs are just the two and their guitar and as beautiful as that is, I think if they added some more instruments the songs could have been taken to a much higher place. This is definitely for the folk lovers and both Dallas and Alecia won’t impress their rock and pop fans respectively.

Best Track: Gently is beautiful and so is their debut single ‘You And Me’.

Rating: 3/5

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