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Review: Suurlemoen!

The beloved book comes to life in this new Afrikaans comedy.

Starring: Tiaan Kelderman and Ben Pienaar

Plot: Tiaan and Zane are two typical sixteen year-olds who try their best to keep themselves out of trouble. As with all teenagers, they also dream about performing in their very own rock-band. After defacing a Mozart sculpture at their school, the teacher who caught them, Mr Marx, gives them detention and they find themselves causing more drama after ruining the school’s rugby jerseys worth over R20 000. To make up for it, Mr Marx suggests they enrol in a battle of the bands competition. Liezl the beauty of the school with the voice of an angel, and the sassy Bongi with rhythm and attitude to match, surprise Tiaan and Zane by impromptu participation in the audition and get dubbed the official members of the band. Tiaan and Zane might just accomplish what they have to without too much struggle. But, It isn’t to be that easy and through much trial and error the band Suurlemoen! is born, and the friendship bonds between the four unlikely band members bloom. There are however a few basic rules to establishing a band: 1. Decide on your music genre beforehand! 2. Take the time to choose the members of your band! 3. Do NOT fall in love with any members of your band! True to form they break every rule in the book.

Remarks: This film is clearly geared towards teens and anyone over the age of 17 will clearly see just how cheesy the film really is. The story is cute but it’s incredibly predictable. It’s great to see that there was money put into the film because it was shot really nicely. The set and the location for filming was great as well and although there was a bit too much product placement, it’s understandable and made it that much more real. The acting in the film, however, made me cringe. Yes, I know this is geared to teens but there was just this forced feeling I got when I was watching the film that just didn’t seem to want to go away. There have been some fantastic Afrikaans films lately but sadly, this one wasn’t one of them…

Rating: 2/5

Suurlemoen! releases on September 12th, 2014.

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