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Review: Snoop Dogg – BUSH

Snoop Dogg
BUSH (Sony Music)

Breakdown: Snoop Dogg is unstoppable! The hip-hop legend has just released his 13th studio album ‘BUSH’ and he’s still on top of his game. The album, produced by Pharrell, has already seen singles in the form of “Peaches N Cream, “So Many Pros” and “California Roll”.

How Many Good Tracks: 8 of the 10.

What I Liked: Snoop is back to doing what he does best – and that’s hip-hop music. The album is the first full hip-hop album from the rapper since 2011’s ‘Doggumentary’ so fans have been eagerly awaiting Snoop’s return. Snoop and Pharrell work really well together. Pharrell’s influence is seen all over the album with many of the tracks blending Snoop’s raps and singing with old-school funky beats – something that is really popular in the music industry right now. Snoop understands who he is as an artist and intentionally stays away from the hardcore hip-hop scene which is incredibly flooded at the moment, proving that he is a brilliant artist and understands where he needs to be at certain points of his career. I really enjoyed this one.

What I Didn’t Like: I think some hardcore hip-hop fans have been waiting for Snoop to solidify his position as a legend of hip-hop and this is far from the album they would have expected from the rapper.

Best Track: This City

Rating: 4/5

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