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Review: Seal Live In Johannesburg


There aren’t many tracks that make such a great impact on you lyrically and emotionally. However, Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ has always been a track that has touched my soul. The song makes such an impact thanks to it’s sweet melody and heartfelt lyrics and Seal’s silky smooth voice stands out and elevates the song. Naturally, it became a massive hit which saw him win a Grammy Award. So, when Big Concerts announced that Seal will be touring South Africa, I was excited.

The singer performed in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town recently and was supported by local artist TRESOR – the breakout star of the past year. TRESOR revealed that this was his biggest crowd he’s played to locally so, naturally, there were a bit of nerves but the singer did quite a good job on stage as he performed smash hits like Mount Everest, Zambezi, Evergreen and many more. I do think his live performances need a little fine-tuning but I really enjoyed his performance.

Then, after a short break, Seal opened the show with his smash hit ‘Crazy’. There is a certain magic about the star and I can tell why he has managed to gain so many fans around the world. He is a very intelligent man with an opinion and has a sort of warmth about him. Not long after he finished his performance of ‘Crazy’, the singer jumped into the crowd and was bombarded by fans wanting to take a selfie or film the star as he continued with the show. I think that shows something spectacular about him. He needed to be with the crowd. He needed for the show to be an experience the crowd can take home and never forget. At a press conference after the show, Seal revealed that

Seal was very interactive. He explained what many of the songs mean to him and formed a bond with his audience. Vocally, the singer had a bit of a rough start. However, he ended with show off with a bang when he performed his smash hit ‘Kiss From A Rose’. The one thing I didn’t quite get was why he didn’t perform with a full band. He had his DJ with him but I think that a live band should accompany these songs of his. Also, there were a few awkward technical difficulties with the DJ that really should have been tested and sorted out earlier in the day.

Despite this, Seal put on an amazing show. Granted, I didn’t leave thinking ‘wow!’, but it’s definitely a show I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. If you ever get the chance to see this master at work live, take it up. He is such a unique and inspiring act and I promise, he’ll make it a show to remember!

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