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Review: R. Kelly – The Buffet


R. Kelly
The Buffet (Sony Music)

Breakdown: R&B crooner, R. Kelly, is back at it again. The singer recently dropped his 13th studio album, The Buffet, which was preceded by the record’s lead single ‘Backyard Party’. This time, however, R. Kelly releases a pleasent, boring, predictable album.

How Many Good Tracks: 7 of the 18.

What I Liked: Although R. Kelly has been playing it too safe recently, we love the production on this album. The singer serves as producer on all of the tracks proving that his talents stem way further than just crisp vocals and sexy slow jams.

What I Didn’t Like: R. Kelly seems to be stuck in a rut. Over the past few records, the singer has been following a similar recipe. Sexy R&B jams with heavily explicit lyrics. Unfortunately, his music has just become too predictable and lacks that the ‘wow’ factor he used to bring to the table. This time around, there is far too much auto-tune and the record lacks the essence of R. Kelly which made us love him as an artist a few years ago. Unfortunately, this album is bound to disappoint even his biggest fans.

Best Track: Marching Band

Rating: 2/5

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