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Review: Mpumi – The Birth Of Mpumi

The Birth Of Mpumi (Helem Productions)

Breakdown: She’s beautiful, talented and has cemented herself as one of the strongest vocalist in South African house music – and now, she’s finally dropped her debut album ‘The Birth Of Mpumi’. The album is flying off shelves and lead single ‘Yawheh’ is taking radio by storm.

How Many Good Tracks: 12 of the 15.

What I Liked: This album has been a long time coming and Mpumi made sure that when it drops, it’s going to be fire. Vocally, Mpumi shines. Her sweet, powerful voice makes her stand out and she has the ability to manipulate her voice to bring out exactly what the song requires of her. Naturally, Mpumi experiments with a whole bunch of African sounds and has created a record that speaks to the people of this country – another reason why she is so successful. The singer has joined forces with some of South Africa’s best on this album. Artists such as Cassper Nyovest, Professor, Zodwa and many more make an appearance on the album. Mpumi has come in hard and delivered a fantastic dance album.

What I Didn’t Like: Although the production is fire, I would have liked to see Mpumi step out of her comfort zone a little bit more. Many of the songs on the album seem to follow the same recipe which makes the tracks towards the end of the album incredibly predictable.

Best Track: Yawheh

Rating: 4/5

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