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Review: Michael Bublé Live In South Africa

I saw Michael Bublé in Sun City back in 2012 and since then, I have always brought his show up when discussing music events with my friends. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his music before I went into the show and after watching his live performance, he was instantly in my top three live acts. This time around, however, I knew exactly what to expect and he didn’t disappoint.

Opening for the star was an acapella group called Naturally 7. I know when one hear the word ‘acapella’ one becomes a bit weary but let me tell you how freaking phenomenal they are. The group have such strong, powerful voices and when you watch them live, you forget that these guys are singing with absolutely no instruments. It is amazing. I honestly got the goosies every minute watching them. These guys aren’t afraid to joke around on stage which was great and I love the fact that they told their musical journey as they performed. I’m not even kidding when I say that I would have paid good money to watch a show of theirs. The only issue I had was that it wasn’t long enough.

Onto the man of the moment – Michael Bublé! Man, is he spectacular! Starting off his set with the smash hit ‘Fever’, Michael gave the crowd a taste of what is about to come. He was dressed to the nine in a beautifully fitted tuxedo and started wooing the audience instantly. In the clip below you will see the singer call out a fan who made a sign for him. He even joked saying that the sign said 1D instead of #1 Fan which also gives you a taste of his humour.

Speaking of his humour, Michael is such a charmer. The way he interacts with the crowd is brilliant. From making women weak at the knees to making the whole audience laugh, Michael made every single person there a fan of his using just his personality. I cracked up when after he performed ‘Feeling Good’ and said that the song was written by the great Miley Cyrus. The amount of humour, however, doesn’t, by all means, mean that his live performance was lacking. Sure, he isn’t the strongest vocalist in the world but damn, can he perform on stage. A decent voice and stage presence is what makes a brilliant live show.

Bublé moved from slow jams to more uptempo songs throughout the set and the setlist worked really well. What was crazy to see is the fact that fans of all ages genuinely enjoyed the show. Many couples found themselves slow dancing between the seats and there is something so special about that.

Again, Michael proved why he is in my top 3 performers of all time and it was a wonderful thing seeing him end his To Be Loved tour in Johannesburg. Now we need a new album so he can head our way again!


I Just Haven’t Met You Yet
Try a Little Tenderness
You Make Me Feel So Young
Come Dance with Me
Feeling Good
I’ve Got the World on a String
That’s All
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
Get Lucky
Who’s Lovin’ You (performed with Naturally 7)
I Want You Back (performed with Naturally 7) (A cappella)
To Love Somebody (performed with Naturally 7)
All You Need is Love
Burning Love
It’s a Beautiful Day
Cry Me a River
Save the Last Dance for Me
A Song for You

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