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Review: Maleficent

Her heart hardened and she became the most feared villain ever – but she will be pulling at your heart-strings.

Starring: Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning

Plot: The movie we have been waiting for has finally hits screens around the country next week! This time, Angelina Jolie returns as our favourite Disney villain Maleficent. The story digs deep into this character from Sleeping Beauty and shows us exactly why her heart hardened and what drove her to cast an evil curse on the baby princess Aurora. Maleficent was once a beautiful, pure-hearted young woman living an idyllic life growing up in a peaceful forest kingdom. One day an invading army of humans threatened the land where she lived and Maleficent proved herself to be a fierce protector. When she’s ruthlessly betrayed, her pure heart turns to stone. Wanting revenge, Maleficent decides to place a curse on Aurora, the new-born infant of the human king. But as the child grows up, Maleficent realizes Aurora may be the kingdom’s only chance for peace.

Remarks: The funny thing about this film was that there was so much hype around it before shooting even began. Angelina played a fantastic Maleficent. She just suited the role so perfectly. It was great to see the villain’s back-story and understand that Maleficent wasn’t always a hardhearted bitch. Maleficent fell in love with a man named Stefan (played by local actor Sharlto Copley) before he betrays her leading her to curse his daughter. Maleficent develops a connection with the ‘beast’ as she calls it and soon finds herself rather fond of her which leaves you feeling for the villain. It was so cute seeing Angie’s little one Vivian in the film although she appeared for literally a minute. The story was changed quite a bit and the ‘twist’ in the end really failed to grab me. While the film had the visual aspects done perfectly, the storyline didn’t have that ‘Umph’ I was waiting for. Also, at just over 90 minutes, the film felt incredibly short. Other than Angie and Elle, the film was bland and at times, boring. The movie is great for an outing out, however, due to the immense hype, you will leave disappointed.

Rating: 2.5/5

Maleficent releases on May 23rd 2014.

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