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Review: MAGIC! – Don’t Kill The Magic

Don’t Kill The Magic (Sony Music)

Breakdown: You may not recognize the name just yet but MAGIC! are the Canadian band behind the worldwide smash hit ‘Rude’. The group describe their sound as “reggae fusion” and it’s definitely a perfect description. ‘Don’t Kill The Magic’ is the group’s debut.

How Many Good Tracks: 9 of the 11.

What I Liked: The group are a breath of fresh air. It’s been a long time since reggae did well in the commercial music space and MAGIC! made it work. ‘Rude’ is such a fantastic track and although South Africa caught onto the song quite early, it was a late bloomer on the charts, reaching the top spot. Each track on the album has something different which, although having a central sound, brings variety to the record. Lead singer Nasri Atweh has a beautiful way with words and wrote every song on the record. He manages to transport the listener into a different world with every song he writes. He’s a true musician.

What I Didn’t Like: I think a lot of people are going to disagree with me but I’m not the most excited by Nasri’s vocals. Sure, they’re good. Undeniably so. I just wish he had more depth in his vocals. That and the fact that some songs lacked an ‘umph’ is all I didn’t enjoy.

Best Track: There’s a reason ‘Rude’ is such a huge hit. I also love their latest single ‘Let Your Hair Down’.

Rating: 4/5

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