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Review: Let’s Get It On – The Life And Music Of Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye left a huge impact on the world and has released smash hits such as ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’, ‘Sexual Healing’, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ and, of course, ‘Let’s Get It On’ which has been named one of the sexiest songs ever!

Now, thanks to the Joburg Theatre, these songs come to life in ‘Let’s Get It On – The Life And Music Of Marvin Gaye’. Sung by the brilliant Lloyd Cele and Australian powerhouse Vika Bull, this production features the very best of Marvin Gaye all while telling the troubled star’s life story.

I loved how there was a mix of history and music in this production and the narrative by the two singers kept me hooked throughout the whole show. Lloyd was the perfect choice for Marvin Gaye. His charisma, look and voice just fit the role perfectly. Lloyd has great control over his vocals and was able to serve justice to Gaye’s ballads and up-tempo bangers. His performance was totally believable and he should be really proud of himself for this performance. Vika was also great. She, along with the band, were from Australia and while I think the production should have had an all-South African cast, she gave me goosies on more than one occasion.

This production will blow the Marvin Gaye fans away. I’m just, however, not entirely sure that a theatre was the most appropriate venue for this show. So many people around me just wanted to get up and dance and seemed as if they felt a bit awkward in their seats. I also wish they did more with the stage. It was so bare and only had the band behind the singers. Being a theatre production, I expected more.

Marvin’s story is a really interesting one and Lloyd and Vika take us through his journey from his humble beginnings to his celebrity lifestyle, to his debt, to lovers, to his murder. It’s a really captivating story and, as mentioned above, was narrated fantastically.

If you’re a fan of Marvin Gaye’s music, this one is most definitely for you. If not, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to book for this. As you can see from the videos in this post, Lloyd and the team will blow your socks off!

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