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Review: Kwesta – DaKAR II


DaKAR II (Sony Music)

Breakdown: We’ve BEEN waiting for a new album from local hip-hop sensation Kwesta for months and we’ve finally got his highly anticipated new album in our hands. DaKAR II is a double-disk album featuring 22 tracks including the smash hits ‘Nomayini’ and ‘Ngud”.

How Many Good Tracks: 18 of the 22.

What I Liked: It’s no secret that the local hip-hop space has blown up over the past few years and game-changers like Kwesta have made this possible. Although the local space has been flooded with rappers during the genre’s evolution, Kwesta has always remained at the forefront, offering something completely different and exciting. The rapper has an ability to blend expectations the international hip-hop scene has set out while still bringing his very own local flavour to the mix. DaKAR II is the perfect example of this. The record has one of the best production any South African hip-hop album has ever seen. Kwesta has mastered rap in both English and vernacular and songs such as ‘Ngud” prove that Kwesta knows how to speak to his audience. This is definitely an album you need to add to your collection. DaKAR II is a fantastic collection of tracks that prove exactly why Kwesta is as successful as he is.

What I Didn’t Like: There isn’t much I didn’t enjoy about this record. I do, however, think there were a few too many collaborations on this record. I would have liked to hear more of Kwesta’s solo material, however, looking at international trends, Kwesta understands how collaborations help catapult the genre.

Best Track: Ngud’ (Feat. Cassper Nyovest)

Rating: 4/5

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