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Review: Karen Zoid – Drown Out The Noise

Karen Zoid
Drown Out The Noise (Coleske Artists)

Breakdown: She’s known as South Africa’s Rock Queen and Karen Zoid, after a year of recording, has released her first album in over seven years – Drown Out The Noise. The album topped the local iTunes album charts on the first day of release, reiterating the fact that South Africans are obsessed with Karen. The album’s overall theme discusses the “destructive seduction of the information overload that we have to deal with in the modern world.”

How Many Good Tracks: 8 of the 10.

What I Liked: Karen has such a distinct and powerful voice and it was really great to hear her sing in English again. The album is an incredibly rich one. Each track sees the listener getting a different piece of Karen – making each track incredibly different from the one before. Karen does what she does best on this record – and that’s belt out some beautiful rock ballads. While mostly a rock album, Karen infuses pop and African influences into the record, a sound we already know her for. Karen joined forces with Zolani Mahola, of Freshlyground fame, on a song called Troublemaker – a song about Nelson Mandela – as well as being joined by Francois Van Coke on Smile. The two also collaborated on a track off his debut solo album called ‘Toe Vind Ek Jou’, which has become a massive hit. It’s a really impressive album.

What I Didn’t Like: Despite two songs that weren’t really up my ally, the only thing I can fault this album on is that it sounds a bit dated at some points.

Best Track: Secrets And Lies

Rating: 4/5

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