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Review: K. Michelle – More Issues Than Vogue

K Michelle

K. Michelle
More Issues Than Vogue (Warner Music)

Breakdown: American rapper K. Michelle is back with her third studio album ‘More Issues Than Vogue’. This time, the singer is more real than ever as seen on her singles ‘Not A Little Bit’ and ‘Ain’t You’.

How Many Good Tracks: 8 of the 12.

What I Liked: K. Michelle has a voice on her. Not only does she slay the vocals on this album, but she is also a great rapper. Opening track ‘Mindful’ shows off her ability to rap while ‘Ain’t You’ shows the softer side of her voice, showing just how two-dimensional she really is. The singer also takes some risks as she tries to make broaden her audience with this release – and we think she did a great job with that. Otherwise, this is a pleasant album but isn’t anything to rave about.

What I Didn’t Like: This seems to be an album of fillers. Yes, K. Michelle brought her A-game but there isn’t a song on the album that makes the listener sit up and listen. That being said, I think this is K. Michelle’s best album to date.

Best Track: Make The Bed (Feat. Jason Derulo)

Rating: 3/5

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