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Review: Joe Foster – Hartklank

Joe Foster
Hartklank (Coleske Artists)

Breakdown: He used to be a part of the popular Afrikaans group, ADAM, but after leaving the group in 2013, the singer has been in studio writing and recording songs for his debut solo album. ‘Mona Lisa’, the first single off the project, has become a huge hit peaking at number one on a variety of radio charts. Now, Joe has finally released his debut album, ‘Hartklank’, and it’s amazing!

How Many Good Tracks: 12 of the 13.

What I Liked: Joe’s strong-point, besides his smooth vocals, is his songwriting. The singer penned each and every song on the record and has given pop music some heart. Each song tells a beautiful story rather than aiming to rhyme or sound good which is something I respect a lot because it really allows Joe to open up and pour his heart and soul out – something I believe is what music is all about. Joe has also proven he is a true artist by recording power ballads and funky pop songs so effortlessly on one record. This is definitely one of the best local albums to be released this year.

What I Didn’t Like: There isn’t much I can fault this album on. The one thing, however, I would have focused more on is the production on some of the songs. There are moments where it falls flat and brings a song down unnecessarily.

Best Track: In Die Reën Vir Jou

Rating: 5/5

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