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Review: Jennifer Lopez – A.K.A.

Jennifer Lopez
A.K.A. (Universal Music)

Breakdown: It was her 10th album (8th studio album) and Jennifer Lopez wanted to prove to the world that she’s still that girl from the Bronx. She went back to her urban roots leaving the world of dance behind as she released her favourite album to date – A.K.A. The album was preceded by singles First Love and I Luh Ya Papi.

Tracks We Didn’t Skip: 5 of the 10.

What I Liked: Most people know that I am a huge J.Lo fan and I see what she tried to do with this album. She’s back creating music she loves – Hip-Hop and R&B. The production is great. The beats are heavy, choruses catchy and everything seems to fit. I also loved the collaborations. T.I., Pitbull and Iggy Azalea shine on their features although I didn’t enjoy French Montana’s verses. The album is made for the fans who really appreciate this album – her most real yet!

What I Didn’t Like: Oh gosh… Where do I start? This honestly kills me to say because I’m such a stan. First of all, some of the tracks are so ‘ghetto’ that it’s not believable that someone like Jenny sings it. That being said, she struggles a lot vocally on many of the tracks and I don’t understand why keys weren’t changed to make the tracks more comfortable for her. It’s such a confusing album which has resulted in poor sales.I also don’t understand how many of the better tracks appear on the deluxe edition. Sure, I still play this over and over in the hopes of enjoying it more but I’m still waiting for that to happen…

Best Track: The title track A.K.A. is the perfect way to start the album and needs to be the next single.

Rating: 2/5

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