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Review: Jannie & Corlea – Alle Paaie Lei Na Rome

Jannie & Corlea
Alle Paaie Lei Na Rome (Coleske Artists)

Breakdown: Afrikaans singers Jannie Moolman and Corlea Botha are well-respected artists in their own right. However, their love for blending pop and opera music has brought them together as they release their brand new collaboration album.

How Many Good Tracks: 10 of the 17.

What I Liked: The first thing that stands out on this record is just how beautiful Jannie and Corlea’s vocals are. To be a good opera artist, it’s important that one is able to control their voice and these two have that gift. Vocally, they are probably two of the strongest vocalists in the country and their chemistry on this album is fantastic. The production is also really impressive. The strings shine on this record but each and every instrument used is played incredibly.

What I Didn’t Like: If you’re not a fan of opera, stay away from this album. Sure, there are pop elements on this record, but overall, the Opera side of things dominates. Having English, Spanish and Afrikaans songs on this record is ambitious but a little bit confusing. The music on this album is great, but there are too many moments when I felt something was missing…

Best Track: Alle Paaie Lei Na Rome

Rating: 3/5

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