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Review: Jamie xx – In Colour

Jamie XX
In Colour (Just Music)

Breakdown: Jamie xx, of The xx, has finally dropped his debut studio album ‘In Colour’ after releasing his smash hit singles ‘Girl’ and ‘Sleep Sound’. The album peaked at number three on the UK Album charts making it one of the most successful dance albums of 2015 so far.

How Many Good Tracks: 6 of the 11.

What I Liked: This is very much an experimental album. Jamie xx plays around with a variety of different sounds and adds many other genres to the main electronic sound the record has. Just as the album cover suggests, the album is very diverse and helps the listener explore many different emotions in each track. The use of different instruments is beautiful and, again, manages to give each track a different identity.

What I Didn’t Like: Since there are not a lot of vocals on this record, the album, for me, functions more as something I’d play in the background over something I’d listen to on a day to day basis.

Best Track: Obvs

Rating: 3/5

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