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Review: Jamie Foxx – Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses (Deluxe)

Jamie Foxx
Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses (Deluxe) (Sony Music)

Breakdown: Jamie Foxx is the ultimate triple-threat. He’s a fantastic actor, a brilliant business mind and a great singer as well. Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses, is the fifth album from the star and was preceded by the lead single, ‘You Changed Me’, which featured Chris Brown.

How Many Good Tracks: 7 of the 18.

What I Liked: Jamie Foxx has created an album for the ladies. The record oozes sex appeal and is paired with beautifully sexy R&B jams that will leave every woman wishing Jamie was their man. Lyrically, the album is great. Jamie has a way with words and he hit the nail on the head with many of the tracks on the album. The album has a few hits but overall, it was rather disappointing.

What I Didn’t Like: Jamie played it so safe with this record. Many of the songs seem to follow the same recipe and are paired with a simple production to go along with the sexy lyrics and Jamie’s smooth vocals. Sure, this would be okay for a song or two, but it makes the album incredibly boring. The record made me miss the party bangers he used to release such as ‘Blame It’ and even something like Kanye’s ‘Gold Digger’. This was a disappointment for me.

Best Track: Tease (Feat. Pharrell)

Rating: 2/5

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