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Review: James Blunt – Moon Landing (Apollo Edition)

James Blunt
Moon Landing (Apollo Edition) (Warner Music)

Breakdown: He released his fourth studio album back in October 2014 but due to popular demand, James Blunt has rereleased his ‘Moon Landing’ album which features eight tracks we didn’t hear on the standard edition of the record. Not only that, James has also included a DVD of a live performance he did at the Paleo Festival in the reissue.

How Many Good Tracks: 10 of the 19.

What I Liked: It’s no secret that I’m far from a James Blunt fan, but I thought I should torture myself for an hour or so and hear what he has to offer – and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. James seems to have adapted with the times and has released a collection of songs that pop lovers can’t help but enjoy. A lot of the tracks come equipped with a catchy hook and some pretty decent song-writing, and yes, James had a hand in every single track on the record. There are a few good songs on the record.

What I Didn’t Like: Although I am impressed, James’ voice isn’t for everyone and on some tracks, it’s painful. Another flaw I found on the record is the fact that James has stuck to what works for him and that’s the pop tracks heavily influenced by folk and there is a lack of creativity from him here. That being said, I do understand music is a business as well and he is giving his fans exactly what they want. That being said, a lot of the tracks just lacked that ‘umph’.

Best Track: I’m stuck between The Only One and Smoke Signals

Rating: 2.5/5

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