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Review: Gangs of Ballet – Form & Function: Part 1 + WIN A COPY!

Gangs of Ballet
Form & Function: Part 1 (Universal Music)

Breakdown: Following the success of their latest single, Always, Gangs of Ballet have released a collection of six new tracks on their brand new EP, Form & Function: Part 1. The EP serves as the first of three in their Form & Function series after revealing that they see releasing EP’s helps them stay fresh and inspired.

How Many Good Tracks: 4 of the 6.

What I Liked: If you’ve heard Gangs of Ballet’s debut album, Yes/No/Grey, you will know that delivering hits comes effortlessly to them. The EP features six brand new tracks from the band. Each song has its own unique identity and is something so different from the other. From ‘Ageless’ and it’s blend of blues and electronic sounds to the soulful, vocal-driven ‘Nylon’. The band’s songwriting skills have clearly developed since the release of their debut album and they’re slowly and surely becoming more and more comfortable with their sound and identity. Since the band have only chosen six albums for this EP, you can be sure it’s nothing but the best material they have worked on since they have started work on their new music.

What I Didn’t Like: I totally understand that releasing a three-part EP helps the band stay relevant and they can add songs they worked on after the release of the first EP to the second and third but, as a consumer, buying three EP’s will not only be more expensive, but also more of a mission.

Best Track: Nylon

Rating: 3.5/5


I’ve got three copies of Gangs of Ballet’s new EP to give away thanks to my friends at Universal Music. To win, simply tell me how many EP’s the band is planning to release in the comment section below. Just make sure there is a way I can contact you should you win (ie, e-mail addy). Competition ends on the 31st of October 2015. Judges decision is final. Winners must live in South Africa.

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