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Review: G-Eazy – When It’s Dark Out


When It’s Dark Out (Sony Music)

Breakdown: American rapper G-Eazy is back with his second studio album “When It’s Dark Out”. The rapper made some noise when he dropped the record’s lead single ‘Me, Myself & I’ featuring vocals by Bebe Rexha which became a smash hit around the world.

How Many Good Tracks: 13 of the 17.

What I Liked: G-Eazy has understood that music is becoming more universal by the day and, sometimes, he needs to satisfy different markets. Therefore, he has some of his best hip-hop work to date on this record while making sure R&B and pop fans will also enjoy certain offerings off the album. G-Eazy’s rap is flawless. He touches on many important topics and does so will ease and, most importantly, flow. The production is also fire. Sure, there are moments when production lets a song down but overall, G-Eazy has some sick beats on this one.

What I Didn’t Like: The album is definitely a step in the right direction for G-Eazy. The problem is, however, he relies too much on the many collaborations on this record. The album also, unfortunately, gets rather boring towards the end. Maybe 17 tracks wasn’t the best idea…

Best Track: Me, Myself & I (Feat. Bebe Rexha)

Rating: 4/5

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