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Review: Desmond And The Tutus – Enjoy Yourself

Desmond And The Tutus
Enjoy Yourself (Just Music)

Breakdown: Local rockers, Desmond And The Tutus, are back with their highly anticipated new album ‘Enjoy Yourself’. The new album includes the band’s smash hit singles ‘Pretoria Girls’ and “Teenagers’ and fans can’t seem to get enough of the band.

How Many Good Tracks: 7 of the 12.

What I Liked: Desmond And The Tutus are on fire. Shane Durrant and the boys have written a really fantastic album which, although predominantly indie, shows many different sides of the group. Although each song sounds completely different to the previous one, the guitar-driven tracks still have the band’s signature sound and their diversity on this record is inspiring to see. The band has taken things to a new level this time around and are completely unique while speaking and identifying with their audience – something that has helped them stand out of a populated crowd.

What I Didn’t Like: There are moments where, vocally, the band can work on things. If the vocals were crisper, stronger and clearer, I think the band could do even more amazing things than they’re doing already.

Best Track: Tearing Up (Big Guns)

Rating: 4/5

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