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Review: Ciara – Jackie (Deluxe)

Jackie (Deluxe) (Sony Music)

Breakdown: Jackie sees the sixth release from R&B princess Ciara. The album was preceded by the singles ‘I Bet’ and ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ and sees the star add various elements of hip-hop to the sound we already know and love Ciara for.

How Many Good Tracks: 6 of the 16.

What I Liked: Ciara is a great artist. Her vocals are on point and she knows how to record a hit song. Songs such as ‘Jackie (B.M.F.)’ and ‘That’s How I’m Feelin’ are proof of this. Production-wise, this album is great. The ballads have this huge emotion attached to them and the bangers are paired with banging beats and arrangements.

What I Didn’t Like: Ciara is lost. There are some great songs on this album but she has chosen to release the mediocre ones as singles, resulting in low album sales. There are way too many ballads on this album. Ciara’s huge hits are up-tempo, crazy and energetic so I’m not too sure what she was thinking with this one. I understand where Ciara was going with this album, however, the truth is, she fails miserably. Ciara seemed to have been given songs other artists rejected and recorded them all for this album. The record doesn’t feel like this is who Ciara is, and it’s really sad to see. Is it too hard to ask for songs like ‘1, 2 Step’ or ‘Oh’ again?

Best Track: One Woman Army

Rating: 2/5

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