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Review – Chris Brown – Royalty

Chris Brown
Royalty (Sony Music)

Breakdown: He’s probably one of my favourite crooners at the moment and Chris Brown is back with his seventh studio album ‘Royalty’, which is named after his gorgeous daughter. The album is another great mix of pop bangers and R&B slow jams. Singles ‘Liquor’ and ‘Zero’ had moderate success.

How Many Good Tracks: 11 of the 18.

What I Liked: Chris Brown knows how to put out a great album. The songs on this album are super sexy and his smooth, rich vocals make him an artist that stands out of the crowd. As mentioned, I love how diverse Chris is on every album. The record has something for everyone and although the pop and urban markets are incredibly different, Chris makes sure he satisfies the expectations of all his fans. I’ve always said this – Chris brings the hits. There is more than enough single material to help promote the album. This isn’t Chris’ best work, but I prefer this album to his previous album ‘X’. Oh, and Sony released the deluxe album in South Africa. That’s 18 tracks! So worth the R110 price tag on iTunes.

What I Didn’t Like: For an album named after his daughter, there are too many swear words and songs about “fucking bitches”. Sure, not having these songs on the album is like a One Direction without cheesy lyrics but the thought of this just makes me uncomfortable. Also, Chris needs to calm down on the autotune. Sure, many artists use it but does he need to be so obvious?

Best Track: Fine By Me

Rating: 3/5

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