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Review: Burnt

The rise and fall of the incredible chef.

Starring: Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller

Plot: Chef Adam Jones had it all – and lost it. A two-star Michelin rock star with the bad habits to match, the former enfant terrible of the Paris restaurant scene did everything different every time out, and only ever cared about the thrill of creating explosions of taste. To land his own kitchen and that third elusive Michelin star though, he’ll need the best of the best on his side, including the beautiful Helene.

Remarks: Before I went to watch this film, I was completely unconvinced. How wrong I was. Chef Adam Jones’ story is so interesting and the film captured this beautifully. Bradley Cooper did a phenomenal job portraying the troubled chef. Not only did he almost glide his way through the kitchen, but he captures the moments of pure joy and sadness in such a brilliant way. There are many beautiful food moments in the film and the producers managed to make sure that each dish looked like it belonged in a 2 Michelin Star restaurant. While the film was cast beautifully as well, there was something off-putting about Sienna Miller and I can’t quite put my foot on it. That being said, the film shows the true essence of Adam Jones. His mistakes, his need for perfection, his passion and his emotions are all on full display in this fantastic story. A definitive must if you’re a foodie.

Rating: 4/5

Burnt releases October 23rd, 2015.

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