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Review: Burn The Floor: Fire In The Ballroom

After watching ‘Burn The Floor’ back in 2012 on its first visit to South African shores, I was instantly blown away and it fast became my favourite international dance show. So much so that I was first in line to buy tickets when the show returned back in 2013! Now, two years later, the cast is back for a third time as they present ‘Fire In The Ballroom’.

As expected, the show has some of the sexiest dance moves you will see on a stage. The cast have a passion for dance and do so beautifully. The way they trust their partners is incredible and the chemistry is on fire – something which is beautiful to watch. Oh, and the fact that each and every person on the stage has a banging body helps too! The show incorporates a mixture of sexy Latin and ballroom dances that are bound to take your breath away.

What’s even more amazing is that the cast has added some South African faces into the mix. Strictly Come Dancing star, Johannes Radebe (who was paired up with the beautiful Leigh-Anne Williams) and Megan Wragg were fantastic and totally fit in with the rest of the international cast. We know this may seem biased but they rocked that stage harder than anyone and were absolutely incredible on the show!

I fear, however, that the show is becoming a bit stale. There are more and more dance shows touring the world and are pushing boundaries and we feel that the Burn The Floor team needs to start thinking out the box a bit more. Also, besides the beautiful Latin-inspired percussion pieces, we have heard the music played in ‘Fire In The Ballroom’ at almost every other dance show that has come to South Africa and we would have liked to hear something other than Quando Quando Quando and Volare. The dances are incredible but this time around, unfortunately, we weren’t floored.

This isn’t to say that the show isn’t worth your time. Each and every dancer rocked that stage and brought in a unique element to the show. The costumes are incredible, the chemistry is fire and the dances are on point! It’s something you don’t want to miss!

Burn The Floor: Fire In The Ballroom is now showing at the Joburg Theatre until the 3rd of October. Book your tickets at today!

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