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Review: Bad Peter – Let Go

Bad Peter

Bad Peter
Let Go EP (David Gresham Records)

Breakdown: Local acoustic duo Bad Peter have just dropped their debut EP ‘Let Go’. The EP features five tracks includes their singles ‘Month Of May’ and ‘On This River’. Now, they’re making waves in the local music space – and I think they’re the breath of fresh air we needed!

How Many Good Tracks: 4 of the 5.

What I Liked: The indie, folk, country and acoustic genres have been exploding locally over the past few months but only a few acts are able to do all three so flawlessly. So, when I heard the fresh sounds of Bad Peter, I was shocked that this was only their first release. The song thing that instantly stands out is the immaculate production on the record. There are so many different sounds and moments on each song but instead of sounding messy, it sounds full and complete. Naturally, the guitars are spectacular and the band did a fantastic job with this element. Lyrically, the band has written some great material. The songs are deep and emotional but still have that edge, making them perfect for all audiences. This is a band I suggest you keep an eye on – they’re going places.

What I Didn’t Like: I would have liked the band to work on more songs and release a full-length album instead of an EP. Why? Because I was so damn sad when the five songs ended!

Best Track: Let Go

Rating: 4/5

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