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Review: Andriëtte – Pêrel vir ‘n Kroon

Pêrel vir ‘n Kroon (Select Musiek)

Breakdown: Afrikaans pop star, Andriëtte, has been rocking the airwaves since bursting onto the scene back in 2007. Now, she has officially dropped her fifth studio album ‘Pêrel vir ‘n Kroon’ which includes the smash hit of the same name.

How Many Good Tracks: 9 of the 13.

What I Liked: I have always had a connection to Andriëtte’s beautiful voice. Coming from a live television background (Andriëtte was on the 2007 season of Idols South Africa), it’s obvious that each and every song on the album is perfect when it comes to the vocals. Lyrically, Andriëtte has some well-written songs on the album. One’s that not only sound great, but that also tell a beautiful story as well. The record has an array of beautifully haunting ballads and some uptempo jams that prove Afrikaans music is much more than cheesy dance beats and autotune. A great new record.

What I Didn’t Like: As much as I love Andriëtte, she plays it safe with this record. There is nothing new and unique about this record and while this doesn’t mean that there are no good songs on the album, there isn’t much growth – which is disappointing. I would have liked to see her push some boundaries a bit more.

Best Track: Bittersoet Van Liefde

Rating: 3.5/5

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