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Review: André Venter – Die Man Vir Jou

André Venter
Die Man Vir Jou (Select Musiek) (Universal Music)

Breakdown: Afrikaans singer, André Venter, dropped his brand new album, ‘Die Man Vir Jou’, recently which has already spawned the smash hit ‘Ek Sal By Jou Bly’ and his new duet with Andriette titled ‘Tot Oneindig Einde Kry’.

How Many Good Tracks: 9 of the 15.

What I Liked: André has recorded some great adult contemporary music on this record. The songs are written very well. André’s voice is strong and he understands how to use his instrument which really makes a huge difference to his music. The instrumentals on the album are really great as well. Each instrument has been recorded live and it really gives the song an edge over the overflow of studio-produced beats which have been dominating the music industry recently.

What I Didn’t Like: While there is a lot of good music on this album, André doesn’t leave his comfort zone too much. Therefore, many of the songs start sounding similar. With a bit more experimentation in the studio, André can do big things.

Best Track: Ek Sal By Jou Bly

Rating: 3/5

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