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Review: Adele – 25

25 (Just Music)

Breakdown: After keeping us waiting for close to four years, music sensation Adele has finally released her third studio album ’25’ and broke a ton of records in the process. The album’s lead single, ‘Hello’, has become one of her biggest hits and is still topping charts around the world.

How Many Good Tracks: 9 of the 11.

What I Liked: Naturally, the album is worth the wait. Adele has put together a collection of brilliant ballads and uptempo pop tracks and ’25’ is a lighter album than her previous offering. Vocally, Adele is untouchable. Each and every song has the perfect harmonies, backing vocals and a strong lead vocal put together in a very artistic way. Her voice shines with an array of emotions from sorrow, grief, happiness and even delight and it’s these different emotions that helps her captivate the audience. The one thing Adele has always been able to do with her music is make people feel something. Lyrically, the album is fantastic and doesn’t fail to connect to the audience. I love that she joined forces with amazing producers and songwriters such as Max Martin and Shellback, Greg Kurstin, Ryan Tedder, Danger Mouse and Paul Epworth.

What I Didn’t Like: There are moments I feel Adele has played it too safe on this album. While the songs are really good, there wasn’t a point where I stood back and thought that I’m hearing something so special and unique. The album was also just a little too predictable for my liking.

Best Track: River Lea

Rating: 4/5

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