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Phillip Phillips Performs At Intimate Showcase

Tonight, The Script and Phillip Phillips are taking to The Coca Cola Dome to perform in front of 18 000 people. Today is a full day of soundchecking and admin before the show goes live. Yesterday, however, was a day filled with press for the bands. I attended a press conference with The Script and although I have interviewed them before, I forgot what gentlemen and how professional they are. I will, however, discuss that in another post.

Soon after that, I rushed to the Universal Music South Africa offices where a bunch of industry peeps and media (no more than 100 people) were invited to watch Phillip Phillips perform a few songs acoustically in an intimate surrounding before we got the chance to ask the American Idol winner a few questions.

Phillips performed tracks such as ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’, ‘Raging Fire’, and ‘Lead On’ and literally blew everyone in the room away. Being a winner of a show like American Idol, it’s a given you can sing live and do it damn well. Phillip had such brilliant control of his voice throughout the acoustic show.

When you watch the video below, try take a look at how comfortable he is when he is playing guitar and singing songs. His legs give that away so clearly. He is happy. He flew halfway across the world and is rushed to do some press, which I could tell he wasn’t into, but as soon as he started singing, it sort of seemed as if he were home.

I’m so stoked to see him with a full band this evening as he opens for The Script. To whet your appetite, check out the video from yesterday’s showcase and let me know what you think.

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