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Pearl Thusi And D’Banj To Host Lip Sync Battle Africa

Lip Sync Battle Africa Hosts

Get ready, Africa. Lip Sync Battle Africa is heading our way next month! The localised format of the multi-platform, pop-culture phenomenon is heading to both Pay TV channels, MTV and MTV Base, as well as free-to-air platform,, next month. The show features celebrities going head-to-head, lip-syncing the song of their choice, battling for the coolest bragging rights on the planet. Today, Pearl Thusi and D’Banj were officially announced as the hosts of this exciting show.

Pearl Thusi takes on the role as the lead presenter on the show. Unlike the international format where LL Cool J is the host, the producers felt a female’s touch was more applicable to the local audience and I love the fact that they have chosen to do so. I think Pearl will smash her role as presenter but if I’m honest, I’m so sick of seeing the same people jump from TV show to TV show. I wish someone fresh, new and funky would have taken that role. Someone like K. Naomi or Danine Naidoo.

“Koko Master” and “Oliver Twist” star D’Banj will step up as the show’s “colour commentator”. The Nigerian singer is a huge star and hasn’t had the opportunity to bring his personality to the South African market. I am very excited about his role in the show and I think he will do fantastic! D’Banj will add his thoughts on the performances and, ultimately, award the winner with the coveted Lip Sync Battle belt.

Lip Sync Battle Stage

The show is part of an interesting collaboration between Viacom and I love the idea. The two have split the budget and are therefore able to bring more to the table and judging by the incredible stage, it’s going to be awesome. But how will it work? Well, MTV, MTV Base and will all broadcast the show. MTV is the leader of the pack and Lip Sync Battle Africa will premiere on MTV every Thursday from 14 April at 20:50 CAT and repeat on MTV Base at 11:30 CAT every Saturday from 16 April. A week later every Saturday from 23 April at 18:30 CAT, viewers will be able to watch the show on the free-to-air network. The collaboration is a peculiar one but I think it’s one that is going to work.

“Lip Sync Battle is such an incredible social, cultural and media sensation, I am so excited to be a part of bringing it to African audiences,” Pearl Thusi said. D’Banj added that “It’s an honour and a privilege to be hosting Lip Sync Battle Africa. I’m excited, willing and ready to entertain the continent on such a great platform. I am looking forward to seeing how well my fellow celebrities battle each other and entertain the world.”

I can’t wait to see African celebrities and politicians take to the stage on the local version of this show. The show starts recording this week and I’m so excited to see how it translates on television.

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