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Opposite The Other – Stutter Love


One of my favourite things to do is listen to some up-and-coming local bands. I truly believe that the local music industry has a lot to offer. One band that has recently reiterated this notion is Opposite The Other, who’s new single Stutter Love has been on repeat. The Cape Town-based band has gained a huge following and it seems their career is officially taking off.

Opposite The Other formed last year and have become a viral sensation of sorts. Through posting videos to YouTube, their channel has accumulated over 800 000 views and over 14 000 subscribers. Now, their new single is scheduled to take the country by storm. Stutter Love is a beautiful blend of pop and rock. Vocally, frontman Samuel Burger reminds us a lot of Coldplay’s Chris Martin and the band is clearly inspired by them.

The song is a fantastic piece of poetry. The lyrics are full of emotion and meaning and it’s something that has really attracted us to the band. The song is a perfect introduction to the band but we hope that they don’t land up mimicking Coldplay on their next release. “All we want to do as a band is be honest because when we’re honest with ourselves, we’re able to do what we’re supposed to do,” Samuel says. Well, I’m intrigued! Welcome to the scene, lads. Remember to support local music and buy this song on iTunes.

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