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OMI – Drop In The Ocean (Feat. AronChupa)

Jamaican singer OMI had a big 2015. The Felix Jaehn remix of his debut single Cheerleader became one of the most played songs of 2015 and his follow-up single, Hula Hoop, did well on multiple charts around South Africa and the world. Now, OMI has teamed up with Swedish producer AronChupa for his third single Drop In The Ocean.

AronChupa is known for his 2014 smash I’m An Albatraoz which pushed him into the spotlight and his collaboration with OMI is fire. The track also falls into the ever popular tropical house genre which has taken the world by storm the past few months. OMI’s melodic verses and chorus carries the song and the singer doesn’t rely on a strong production with this single. The lyrical content of the song is far from impressive, however, the simplicity in the lyrics compliment the simple, yet effective, production.

While OMI’s singles have been good so far, his new album Me 4 U disappoints. Luckily, Drop In The Ocean is one of the better songs on the album, however, we don’t see this reaching the same success his previous two singles encountered. That being said, this radio friendly track is bound to become one of the biggest earworms of the next few weeks.

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