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Off The Record With: Glen Hartmann

Cape Town-based singer and songwriter has exploded onto the local music scene with his unique voice and his incredibly music ability. Often performing with a guitar and a kick-drum, Glen knows how to capture his audience. He has just dropped his new single ‘On My Way’ and El chats to him about music, his new single and the future.

Where did your interest in music start from?

One of the earliest memories I have is finding the piano in my grandparent’s house at the age of 5 and trying to play something on it. All I could manage was a random jumble of noise, but from there, the idea of music and creating music interested me. I learned music throughout school and at about 16 I tried to write my first song. Through this time, I would watch DVDs about bands on tour and that just made me more excited to pursue music.

‘On Our Way’ is a beautiful song! What inspired the track?

There were a couple of things that inspired me. One thing that inspired me is the whole idea of pursuing your passions, and breaking free from the expectations and opinions of other people who stop you from doing what you love. Another thing that inspired me is the idea of finding adventure and love!

Many artists use music as a form of therapy. Was this the case with your new music?

I think that on some level writing music can be considered therapeutic for me. It is a way for me to process what I am feeling, whether it is good or bad. It helps me to deal with things I face in my life, and express them in a musical way. I try to have some level of resolution to my songs. And maybe someone else can then be encouraged by my music.

How does a song come together for you?

I usually start with a melody, and then try to write a chorus to that melody. Generally it will start with just vocals and guitar and I will use that as a base to write the rest of the song. Because the chorus is the part of the song you remember, I spend a good amount of time focusing on getting the chorus just right. After that I will work on a verse. I will play through the chorus and see what comes naturally to create the verse.

What music are you really enjoying at the moment?

I like to listen to a variety of genres of music, because every style has something interesting to offer and I love hearing how music can be created in such diverse ways. Some specific examples include OneRepublic (those vocals!), George Ezra (those vocals!), Foals (their guitar sounds!), Bombay Bicycle Club (their rhythms!) and ‘Where are U now’ by Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber.

You’ve been playing a few shows lately. What’s the best and worst part of touring?

One of the things I love about touring is getting to travel. I have this desire to see as much of the world as possible and being able to tour helps me achieve that desire. Another thing I love about touring is getting to meet so many awesome people. The worst part about touring is that sometimes my wife cannot come with me. On those occasions I can start to feel very lonely!

What can we expect from you over the next few months?

I am releasing an EP album later this year, and I will be performing all over the country. It will be a busy next few months!

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