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Off The Record With: Gangs Of Ballet

They’re one of South Africa’s hottest bands at the moment and Gangs of Ballet will be one of the local acts on the Freedom Festival line-up. The band recently lost a member, however, they are determined to make things work. I spoke to the lads ahead of their performance at Freedom Festival on the 25th of April.

You’re one member down. How has this affected the band in terms of live performance?

Well, it’s really early days and we’re busy trying it out like NOW. The plans in place, just got to see if it all works out. At the end of the day the essence will be there, just the technical has to change.

What is the best thing about performing at Festivals?

Festival food!!! The obvious things are that the crowd has travelled and has committed to having a good time and that’s always a good thing for a performance. We love watching other SA bands as well!

Which international act are you most looking forward to?

Skillet for sure.

You recently released a video on Twitter. Tell us more about that.

It was a live cut from our set at 947 Joburg Day and it was for our latest single ‘Love Is On Its Way’. Apparently it was a first for Twitter, having an exclusive release. The best part of the whole thing was the real MC HAMMER TWEETED US and retweeted the video!! Life made!

Other than Freedom Festival, what else can we expect from you guys soon?

A new album is coming soon! New three piece sound and we’re really excited about it.


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