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Off The Record With: Zonke


Zonke is one of the biggest stars in South Africa at the moment. Her latest album ‘Work Of Heart’ has recently sold over 20 000 copies in South Africa making it gold. Her voice has captivated the hearts of many around the country and her music makes people feel. As she carries on shining, I caught up with the talented singer as she opens up on her musical journey, the new album and what the future has in store.

You’ve got a voice of gold. Tell us how your musical journey began.

My father, the late Viva Dikana, taught me everything I know about music. For as long as I can remember there has always been music in my life – it is everything. My sisters and I used to sing at home and tease me when I was just starting out cause being older, they started before me…

Your new album ‘Work of Heart’ is beautiful. How is this album different from your previous album?

Work of Heart was crafted with an international sound and a desire to reach more ears and hearts and still connecting with my core fans who know and understand the quality that I strive for.

What would you like listeners to take away from listening to the album?

There are many themes within Work of Heart that resonate – Reach It is a song that has become a mantra for many in bringing their dreams closer in sight of attaining the very things that get them to wake up in the morning. Meet Me in My Dreams is a song that heals the pain of losing a loved one – and still believing that they are right there with you. Each song carries a message and is taken from life experience that others can relate to

What inspired your smash hit ‘Reach It’?

I have been quoted for saying that I don’t have it in me to self-destruct. I am designed to rise in the face of Greatness no matter what – it is about believing.

What do you think it is about your music that sets you apart from other local musicians?

I write songs and arrange them with a very clear idea of the sound, instruments, tempos and melodies. I produce each song exactly as I hear it. This is just my personal creative process – it is the lyrics that I find people connect with the messages and the music as a whole. I write songs that I love.

What are you getting up to over the next few months?

I am currently promoting my latest album Work of Heart. I have just released Work of Heart on limited Edition vinyl and will be doing a series of exclusive signing sessions around the country to meet fans and autograph CDs and vinyl of course. I also plan to spend a bit of time in the US and get much needed family time. I will also be embarking on a Work Of Heart tour.

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