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Off The Record With: Shekhinah

Former Idols South Africa contestant, Shekhinah, has had a very busy few months. Her single with Kyle Deutsch, ‘Back To The Beach’, was one of the biggest local tracks of 2015 and it’s finally getting nominated for awards as the season is in full swing. Her new single ‘Let You Know’ with hit-producer Sketchy Bongo is a smash hit on radio and it seems big things are in store for Shekhinah. I caught up with the singer and spoke about her hiatus, new music and what the future holds.

I still remember routing for you on Idols SA. How have things changed?

I was on Idols South Africa 4 years ago so, naturally, a lot has changed. Besides officially becoming an adult I’m in my last year of university at AFDA and my understanding and love for music has definitely grown a lot.

You took quite a long break after the show. What was the reason behind this?

‘Back to the Beach’ was my first ever song to get playlisted. However, I had been making music and attempting to get into the industry since 2012. Now, when I listen back to the music I was trying to submit I now understand why I was turned down. The ‘break’ helped me better my craft in terms of writing and my vocal delivery.

How did you meet producer Sketchy Bongo?

I met Sketchy Bongo a year and a half ago at his studio. Kyle Deutsch invited me for a session there and the rest was history.

Your single ‘Back To The Beach’ became one of the biggest songs of 2015. What was it like working with Kyle?

I’ve been working with Kyle since 2012. I always like to think of us as the dream team when it comes to writing music. I work well with concept and melody and Kyle works well words and furthering or bettering the concept. Kyle has always been a great songwriter and this has always helped motivate me to be a better songwriter. I always enjoy working with him.

Your new single ‘Let You Know’ is fast becoming another smash hit. What inspired the song?

‘Let You Know’ was written about a boy crush of mine. I like to write about any situation I am in at the time and, luckily, this resonates with a lot of people.

The entertainment industry is a difficult one. What advice do you have for kids wanting to work within this industry?

I encourage kids my age who want to be in the entertainment industry to fight for it, and not give up. I haven’t clocked in many years of survival in the entertainment industry but I’m still fighting for where I want to be and if I had given up I wouldn’t have achieved the things I have so far.

What are you getting up to in the next few months?

Education is very important to me and I am back at school now finishing my last year. I’m trying to write a lot more and upload a lot more free content from my social network pages like YouTube and Soundcloud so keep an eye out for more new music coming your way soon!

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