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Off The Record With: Nasty C

‘Juice Back’ and ‘Hell Naw’ have become huge hits and 18-year-old rapper, Nasty C, has shot to superstardom. He is currently touring the country and working on his highly-anticipated new album while delivering the hits and collaborating with South African hip-hop royalty. We caught up with the rapper who opened up about his love for hip-hop, his smash hit ‘Juice Back’, and the future.

Who is Nasty C?

I am an 18-year-old rapper/producer from Durban South Africa. Music is my passion and I want to share my gift with the world.

What is it about hip-hop music that is so special to you?

I really identify with hip-hop music because its music that can make you dance but it still allows you to express your feelings at the same time. It’s an art form where many people around the world tell their story which is something I really love about the genre.

How did your musical journey begin?

My brothers had a friend who had a home set up and we started playing around. When I was 8-years-old, I started writing rhymes and by 9 I recorded my first track. Since then I have just been perfecting my craft and it’s led me to this point.

‘Juice Back’ is a huge smash. What inspired the song?

The music industry. It wasn’t easy getting accepted as an artist and I drew inspiration from my frustrations. It’s ironic that that would be the song that launched my career.

You’ve worked with greats in the studio. Who challenged you the most in studio?

I haven’t really felt pressure. I have been recording for a long time and am very comfortable in studio. It wasn’t much of a challenge but more of an amazing experience.

What do you think of the current South African hip-hop space at the moment?

I think it is at a great place. I see a lot of people from my home town getting love in the industry and the music that we have been putting out is proof that the talent is real.

How does a song come together for you?

It’s different every time but I like to start with the beat and draw inspiration from there.

You’re only 18. Do you think your youth have given you an advantage?

I grew up with a lot more things available to me that my previous generation did not have. In that regard, yes, I do think that being only 18 has given me an advantage.

What can we expect from you in the next few months?

I just launched my mixtape with 4 additional tracks and I also have quite a few features coming out over the next few months. My fans will also be happy to know that I am currently working on my album.


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