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Off The Record With: Brendan Peyper

He’s the blue-eyed boy what has taken the Afrikaans music industry by storm. His debut single ‘Stop, Wag, Bly Nog ‘n Bietjie’ became one of the biggest Afrikaans songs of 2015 and his debut album of the same name is selling like hotcakes. His new single ‘Die Perfekte Een Vir My’ is proving to be another smash for the singer so I sat down with Brendan and discussed his debut album, advice for young musicians and the future.

Congrats on your debut album, Brendan. How did your musical journey begin?

It began when I was about 6 years old when my granddad and all my uncles taught me to play my first song on a guitar. That’s when I realised that I wanted to be a musician and a recording artist when I am older and the rest is history.

‘Stop, Wag, Bly Nog ‘N Bietjie’ was a huge hit. What inspired the track?

I wrote the song with Niel Schoombee from Sony Music. The last thing we expected was how successful the song would eventually become in a short time period. The goal with this song was to let people smile every time they hear it and I think we succeeded in that.

I loved ‘Die Perfekte Een Vir My’. Tell us a bit more about the song.

The song is about the perfect one for me and the girl who has the perfect look in her eyes that could bring any man to his knees. It’s another romantic song.

The Afrikaans music industry has some great artists. Who have you always looked up to?

Elvis Blue because he sings in both English and Afrikaans and does so so well. He’s an awesome dude with an astonishing voice and I would love to do a duet with him one day.

Being 19, what has been the most difficult part of breaking into the local music scene?

Getting people to see and notice you was the most difficult part for me. Sometimes it’s tough for people to take you seriously at such a young age.

You write songs as well. How does a song come together?

I always concentrate on a good and catchy chorus first and then I move on to the versus.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming musicians who want to land a record deal?

Never stop showing people what you can do even when you’re not at a show. If there’s a microphone, sing! Grab every opportunity you have to show off your talent.

What else are you getting up to over the next couple of months?

We are busy writing songs for the next album which will be released this year. I will also be travelling around the country and I can’t wait to visit all the towns and meeting all my fans!

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