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Moonchild Sanelly – Fox With That (Feat. Maramza)


Local singer Moonchild Sanelly is definitely one of the most unique artists we have here in Mzansi. Her debut album, Rabulapha!, has been praised by critics all around the country and her singles Rabubi and Cut The Cake charted on various radio stations around the country. Now, she teams up with Maramza, who produced Cut The Cake, on the next release off the album, Fox With That.

Again, Moonchild Sanelly amalgamates a variety of different genres that inspire her into one song. There is a heavy electronic sound throughout the song mixed with elements of jazz and funk. The song is fresh and different and is another cheeky female anthem. In the song, Moonchild encourages women to find ambitious partners instead of men who are threatened by independent women. “Women must acknowledge their self-worth and not settle for uninspired men who will bring them down. A woman should find a man whose ambition matches her own so that the relationship can grow into something beautiful”, the singer explains.

We love how Moonchild pushes boundaries with her music, how she doesn’t conform to the norms set out in popular music and how she remains true to herself with each and every song she releases. It’s artists like her that make us proud of our local music industry. Remember to support local music and buy the song on iTunes today.

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