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Melissa Allison – Whine It Up

You may remember Melissa Allison as the runner-up on Khaya Mthethwa’s season of Idols South Africa. Although we haven’t heard much solo material from the star, she has been performing alongside Tamara Dey and Merichan as part of The Shoowop Shop – a jazz group performing at many public and private events. Now, however, the singer is finally ready to make her comeback and has released her new single ‘Whine It Up’.

The song is unlike anything we have ever heard from the singer and something different from anything in the local music industry at the moment. The track is dominated by a strong dance beat similar to the style of Kat Deluna’s ‘Whine Up’ (coincidence?) but has some awesome African percussion added into the mix. Melissa has a beautifully strong voice and it’s put on show on this single.

The track has a cross-over appeal which will work in Melissa’s favour and after a couple spins, the song won’t get out of our heads. We’re proud of Melissa for taking a risk and exploring a new sound and we’re sure this will work in her favour. Remember to support local music and buy the song off iTunes today.

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