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Mark Stent – Toxicated Vibe (Feat. Justin Chalice)

Mark Stent

As you all know, I’m very supportive of the local music industry. I believe that we have a lot of world-class music coming out of the country and that our local music has is up there with the best – and the new single from DJ Mark Stent and Justin Chalice is a perfect example. The track, titled Toxicated Love, has just been released and we can’t stop hitting the repeat button.

The song is a bit of a throwback for me. It’s got many sounds and effects used in dance music around five years ago. Although this brings back a feeling of nostalgia, the song doesn’t sound dated at all. The song is put together fantastically and mixes elements of trance and EDM to create one epic single. The production is flawless and it’s clear that this will be a smash on dance floors all around the country. Justin Chalice does a good job with the vocals but the pitched down effect does turn me off a little bit. That being said, this is another epic dance track.

Dance music in South Africa has improved drastically over the past few years and is one of the fastest growing genres in the country. With songs like these, we’re more confident than ever that South Africa produces some of the best dance music in the world. Remember to support local music by downloading this song on iTunes.

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