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LunchMoney Lewis – Whip It (Feat. Chloe Angelides)

The name LunchMoney Lewis may still be unfamiliar to many, but the singer and songwriter had one of the biggest tracks of 2015 – a track called ‘Bills’ which did incredibly well on South African radio and iTunes charts. Now, the singer is back with his brand new single – a song called ‘Whip It’. The single features the vocals of Chloe Angelides on the chorus and while it’s not as good as ‘Bills’ we totally see ourselves jamming to this song all day long!

The song is a fantastic party song and it’s something that radio stations all around the world will eat up. The track is catchy, written beautifully and the beat is light and groovy. I think LunchMoney Lewis has cleverly tapped into the feel-good vibe that makes people happy for a reason. He even made a song about paying bills a smash hit!

We’ve definitely got our eye on LunchMoney Lewis. We love the fact that his music has a positive effect on his fans and we’re so excited for him to release his new album. In the meantime, we’ll be jamming to this song and the brand new Nicki Minaj single, Trini Dem Girls, on which he also features.

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