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Lukas Graham – Mama Said


Lukas Graham took the world by storm with their touching single 7 Years. Since then, they released their self-titled album around the world and broke a number of records in the process. Now, after the success the song had in Denmark, Norway and Sweden back in 2014, the band has announced that they will be releasing the track Mama Said as the next single off the project.

Again, this is another powerful song from the Danish group. Sampling Andrea McArdle’s It’s A Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie, Lukas Graham sings about poverty and the impact living in poverty had on him as a child. The band also sing about the importance of friends who have had your back from the very beginning as they have seen the ups and downs you had to go through as a person. The sample adds so much personality to the song which, again, strikes a listener on first listen. Lukas, again, tells a thought-provoking story through his music.

The song is put together perfectly. Emotional verses, catchy chorus and music with meaning and it’s this recipe that has helped the band stand out of the crowd. The song is something so different from the first single yet still has the band’s essence all over it. Luckily, their entire album, which dropped last month, is filled with great tracks like this.

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