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Loki Rothman’s Epic Justin Bieber Cover

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I believe in South African talent. One person that has definitely caught my attention over the past few months is Loki Rothman. Not only is his new album ‘The Way Back’ a fantastic pop album, but the dude is so talented as well.

Loki did another one of his famous ‘One Man Band’ covers and this time, he knocked Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ out of the park. I love this cover because Loki’s vocal is crisp, clear and the acoustic vibe of the song really shows off his ability. Then, the instrumentals, which he does himself, is just so fantastic. The cover comes together perfectly and I was instantly hooked onto the track.

Loki is one of the most talented up-and-coming musos out of South Africa and I can’t wait to witness him get all of the success he deserves. In the meantime, I’ll be hitting repeat on this all day.

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