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Locnville – I Can’t Sleep

It’s been a good few months since local duo have given us a new single – and with good reason. Brian and Andrew Chaplin relocated to the U.S. to work on some new music (they do say a change of scenery is good sometimes). Now, the boys, who have gone back to using Locnville instead of LCNVL, have dropped ‘I Can’t Sleep’. The track is a great new sound from the guys and sees them experimenting with some urban instruments and sounds. This song is so different from the guys and I’m so glad they did this. I was worried they’d release something of the same EDM sound they’ve had for the past album and a half and I’m glad they took the risk on this track. I do wish the track had more than that initial verse. The song doesn’t sound complete without those verses. I think, however, this is going to be a huge hit for the boys.

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