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LISTEN: Nic Billington Drops Second Studio Album ‘Dark Horse’

South African singer Nic Billington has finally released his second album, Dark Horse, a ticket to the realm of dark seduction and a free pass into the world of lust, passion and self-exploration.

In the crucible of 2020’s lockdown, Nic forged the collection of sonic tales that weave through the tapestry of a decade’s worth of trials and triumphs. The album is more than a compilation; it’s a declaration of self-discovery, resilience, and embracing the challenges that shape our existence.

Dark Horse is a captivating blend of dark and melancholic with a modern and sexy twist – promising to take listeners on a unique and mesmerizing journey. As the echoes of previous hits like ‘You Get Me High’ and ‘Homesick’ linger, new revelations unfold with hypnotic tracks like ‘Dopamine’ and ‘Goodbye’. The record is Nic’s bold manifesto, solidifying his dominance in the dark pop scene. The perfect blend of reverb and harmony set Dark Horse apart from the classic dance-pop album, adding promiscuity and affinity to a stellar sound that can only be that of Nic Billington.

Of the themes behind the record, Nic Billington said: “I’ve dedicated a significant part of my life to blending in, almost to the point where I lost sight of my true self. Despite having a wealth of skills and insights, I often went unnoticed because I failed to seize opportunities and take charge when I needed to. I now have a deeper understanding of myself and confront all challenges with determination and resilience”.

The record is released with new single and opener ‘Dopamine’, a hook-driven slice of dark synth-pop destined for the late-night dancefloor. The track is a spontaneous masterpiece that emerged in the eleventh hour of album production. Penned in 2021 during Nic’s South African sojourn, the track underwent a metamorphosis under the skilled hands of producer Paul Gala, the creative mastermind behind the bulk of the album. The result is a hypnotic, modern, and edgy track, pulsating with an addictive baseline and eerie synths. ‘Dopamine’ speaks of being present, living free, feeling good, and riding the unpredictable waves of life.

Of the track, Nic Billington said: ‘‘You know you’re onto something big when you’re overcome with emotion. That’s exactly how I felt when I listened to the first mix of Dopamine. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Suddenly, everything just started falling into place, which is why I made it the lead single of the album.”

‘Dopamine’ follows the release of album singles ‘Slasher’ and ‘Goodbye’, the latter closing the record with a steady piano ballad, vulnerable, but not lacking Billington’s dark aura. ‘Slasher’, in contrast, pays homage to the eerie charm of 80s and 90s horror cult movies, blending contemporary pop and vintage terror, putting a unique spin on Nic’s eclectic repertoire and affinity for darker things. Crafted by both Nic Billington and Mia van Wyk, the thrilling, synth-loaded single fearlessly explores the willingness to embrace the risks in the pursuit of passion and desire, telling the intense tale of an encounter with a stranger.

A luminary in the world of dark pop, Nic Billington has captivated audiences globally. From gaining international acclaim through YouTube covers to achieving fame in South Africa, Nic’s journey is marked by chart-topping hits, performances for Mr South Africa, and recognition from pop icon Britney Spears. His new album, Dark Horse, promises to boldly explore the darker facets of pop music.

Listen to ‘Dark Horse’ below and read more music news here.


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